What makes Kronotopia special?

  • A trusted connection between travellers and local guides. Kronotopia makes it easy for travellers and guides to find and get to know each other before any booking is done. By guides providing content and users listening to it before selecting a guide, everyone will know beforehand  that the guiding will be a great experience!
  • Content focused on why. Typical travel guides offer reviews and suggestions on what to do. The content on Kronotopia focuses on telling you about the history of a place or monument. Travel guides focus on the what, Kronotopia on the why.
  • Ease of use.  With Kronotopia you don’t need to stand in a queue to get access to a local guide or an audio guide. You don’t need to search all over the internet to get the information you are interested in either. Kronotopia’s content is based on location, not on pre-defined tours. Just select and play when the time is right for you. No preparation needed. If you like what you hear and want to learn more, you can easily book the local guide in the same app.
  • Flexibility. You can choose the type of story you want to hear given your situation. Travelling with the family? Going on a business trip? Travelling with the intent to stay long and learn a lot? With Kronotopia you can choose the level of information that suits your needs. With Kronotopia you can also tailor suggested routes, you don’t need to stick to predefined ones.
  • Entertaining. Some guides are easy to listen to, some make you yawn. Kronotopia provides carefully selected story-based audios that are fun to listen to. The content will be quality assured before it is uploaded to the app and will be rated by the users. The guides we collaborate with will be carefully selected and certified. We want you to be able to enjoy and trust the content and guides on Kronotopia.
  • Supporting local guides and small businesses. There are local guides with amazing stories and knowledge that have a hard time competing with bigger companies. With Kronotopia local guides can reach more customers and customers can find guides that give them extraordinary experiences.
  • From travellers to travellers – variety of views and interests.  Every traveller can share a story to help other travellers and to get an additional source of income. This results in a wide variety of content satisfying many different interests and reflecting our manifold world.
  • Trip designers. Planning a trip can be overwhelming and time consuming. We relieve the traveller of the stress of planning while we offer a new source of income to travellers and local guides.
  • Modern technology. Kronotopia uses modern technology to create a powerful platform, multi-language content and an easy to use location based ecosystem that puts together travellers, local guides and institutions.

Who are we?

The idea of Kronotopia came to Luisa when she was travelling and wanted to connect the experience of a place (Topos) with its history and development through time (Kronos). She shared her idea with Annika, who loves storytelling. Together with a team of advisers, guides and travellers they intend to bring another dimension to travelling.

Team Members

Hiking Funivia Piani d’Erna near Lake Como, Italy

Luisa Barros Vignati is originally from Mexico and moved to Sweden more than 20 years ago.

Besides her family, her main drive in life is understanding. That is why she loves to travel, to learn more about the world and human kind.

Kronotopia for her, is more than an idea, it is a need.

Visiting World Heritage St Sophia’s cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine

Annika Rosendahl is a happily married mother of 3, living in Sweden.

There are two more countries she calls “home”: The Netherlands and Spain where she has lived and worked and still has family and friends.

Her love for storytelling and travelling, and of course, her friendship with Luisa, brought her to Kronotopia.  


Kronotopia’s adviser and shareholder

Carl-Åke Ahlqvist is a sports evangelist, entrepreneur and enthusiastic guide.

He has brought floor ball to the world and runs a business that provides sports equipment.

When he heard about Luisa’s idea he immediately saw its potential. Not only for travellers, but also for guides who want to give their clients a unique experience.

Founders Loft is a co-working community and incubator

Advisers to start a company

Origins of the idea

We love to travel:   We want to know how history has shaped the places we go to and what brought us to them.

We like things that are easy:   We want a knowledgeable person to tell us about the interesting places we visit, when we want to hear it. Without the need to read signs or travel guides. Without searching for audio guides or queuing to rent one.

We enjoy entertaining and story-based history: We easily drift off when listening to only dates and names but when history is told as a narrative of events with emotions and suspense we can’t stop listening!

We want to have a choice:  Sometimes we are in the mood for detailed information, other times we just want something quick and light. Our children share our curiosity but are often more interested in action than elaborate descriptions. We want to find the right level of information for the mood we are in.

For all these reasons, we want to create Kronotopia, with and for people who want to add a dimension to travelling!

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