What is the difference between Kronotopia and other sites or apps?

  1. Content. Travel guides offer reviews and suggestions on what to do. Kronotopia tells you about the history of the place or monument. Travel guides focus on the what, Kronotopia on the why.
  2. Ease of use.  With Kronotopia you don’t need to stand in a queue to get access to a local guide or an audio guide. You don’t need to search all over the internet to get the information you are interested in either. Kronotopia’s content is based on location. Just select and play when the time is right for you.
  3. Flexibility. You can choose the type of story you want to hear given your situation. Travelling with the family? Going on a business trip? Travelling with the intent to stay a while and learn a lot? Kronotopia has the flexibility to provide the level you need. Kronotopia also lets you tailor routes so they become your own, there’s no need to stick to predefined ones.
  4. Entertaining. Some guides are easy to listen to, some make you yawn. Kronotopia provides carefully selected story-based audios that are fun to listen to. Content contributors will get more paid the higher they are rated and the content will be quality assured before it is uploaded to the app.  We want you to be able to enjoy and trust the content on Kronotopia.
  5. Democratized approach. There are local guides with amazing stories and knowledge that have a hard time competing with bigger companies. With Kronotopia they can reach many users, some of whom may choose to also use the guides’ services outside of the Kronotopia platform. This will also ensure a diverse collection of audios reflecting our manifold world.

Will the audios be in English only?

Over time we plan to have audio files in the languages our clients ask for but we will start with stories in English.

Who creates the content?

Kronotopia is the platform, people who love travelling and story-telling are the creators. Anybody can upload a file and contribute, but our aim is to start with local guides. Each contribution will be quality assured before it is published. We want to ensure our users will get entertaining and reliable information.

How are contributors paid?

The contributors are paid depending on the number of people listening to the audio and the rating they get. If the contributor is a local guide or bussiness, we will add their contact information, so that users can reach them.

Is it only audio or also video?

Mainly audio. We want our users to see the monuments and places in real life rather than watching a screen. When a video is a better option, like when telling the story of an entire city for children, videos will be offered.

Do I need to pay for using the App?

We plan to have several different payment options, including free plans with advertisements. Our intention is that each option should be price worthy.

Here are some examples of payment options:

  • A full subscription with all countries and features at all times
  • A full subscription for free with advertisements
  • Pay per travel, based on duration and country or city (e.g., 15 days in Italy)
  • Pay for additional features, like official museum guides

We would also like to offer

  • Off line options for those who want to avoid roaming charges
  • Gift cards

What other features can I expect?

These are our ideas. Feel free to contact us and let us know about yours!

  1. Multilanguage. Support for audios in different languages.
  2. Routes. Add routes from monument to monument inside a city and add routes inside a country. There will be a library of routes coming from contributors. You will always be able to modify the routes and save your own.
  3. Museums. We would like to reach agreements with museums so the official guides can be included in the app. Since our focus is on flexibility and fun we would like these guides to be customizable so you can select a route depending on your mood or situation.
  4. Gamification. We would like to add games for children, so they will find it more entertaining and therefore learn and remember even more.
  5. Rewards. It can be fun to reach a goal and get something in return. For example get a “Paris lover” medal if you visit several places in the city and then you get a free audio. This can be optional with a setting.
  6. Visited places map. On a map, mark the places you have been to and share it with friends.
  7. Help content creators. Many travellers have beautiful information to share, but not all feel comfortable recording their stories. We can provide the possibility to have scripts professionally narrated and recorded so the written information can be turned into Kronotopia audio files.
  8. Interactivity with other resources e.g. TripAdvisor for restaurants/activities. Bookning for hotels.
  9. “Spiritual travel”, “What locals do”, “How is it made?” categories.
  10. Voice assistance support.

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