• A modern location based platform ecosystem, with a view to the future and the past.
  • Multi-language based on modern tools (e.g. speechelo)
  • Easy to use, before, during and after trip.
  • Ecosystem between travellers, local guides, local service providers and local institutions.
  • Collaboration and interactivity with other resources.

Audio guides

  • Location based, not tour based.
  • No preparation needed before travelling, spontaneous use.
  • Possibility to choose content according to the audience and length of time.
  • Content fed by different people, allowing for many different views or interests.
  • Trusted content. Content providers with checked background and backed by institutes.
  • Possibility to hire a local guide in the same app and in connection to audio clips.
  • Income source for content providers with connection to a network of users with common interest.

Local guides

  • Certified freelancers/part-time local guides, allowing for many different views or interests.
  • Trusted local guides. Certified guides backed by institutes or associations.
  • Connection to potential customers from audio guides users.
  • Multi-platform benefits:
    • Increased promotion when adding audio content.
    • Know your guide before travelling by listening to their audios (as you see pictures when you book a room)

Local service providers/institutions

  • Targeted audience based on location and category.
  • Partnership – promotion and interaction.

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