Do you know a story that connects a place or monument with its time in history?
A story that you believe will be of interest to other travellers?
If so, share it and become a Kronotopia Content Creator!
If you are a guide, your contribution will be a great opportunity for future customers to get to know your style.

How to create Kronotopia audio content

To create and share a story to the Kronotopia library, follow these 4 steps

  1. Learn how to tell a story in Kronotopia style
  2. Select the category you want to create your content in.
  3. Create and Record the story
  4. Submit your story for review

How to tell a story in Kronotopia style

When telling or writing the story, make sure you do so in Kronotopia Style. This means describing the history of a place in a way that is both accurate and entertaining. Instead of just listing names and dates, provide a context and tell the story in a way that puts the listeners in a time machine and makes the place come alive for them.

Listen to the following Kronotopia audio files for examples and inspiration.

Select the category you want to create your content in

Kronotopia provides 3 categories of stories:

Light, Detailed and Children.

For examples, see above.

Create and record the story

Create and record your story with or without our help.

We can turn written or recorded information from you into a great Kronotopia story.

We can also help you with recording, sound editing and translations to different languages.

Just contact us at or by the contact form here, and let us know what you would like help with.

Submit your story for review

Once your file is ready, click the + sign on the map and follow the instructions


When users listen to your contribution, you will receive compensation. The more who listen and the higher your contribution is rated, the higher the compensation will be. Read more here.

If you are a local guide, adding your content to Kronotopia is an excellent way for the right travellers to find you and your business.

When you share your story you contribute to our vision of a more understanding world where travellers will not only visit places, but also get to know them and the people living there. Thank you!

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