A survey performed during the summer of 2021 confirmed that there is interest for the Kronotopia concept. 93% of the respondents found the concept interesting!

For more details, watch the graphs below.

We also received many ideas from the respondents (thank you!) and we updated the concept accordingly.

Interested in using the product

This concept compared to what is already available

Interest in Kronotopia as a product

When would you use it?

What do you like about the concept?

  • When I am in a place on a business trip I usually don’t take time to prepare sightseeing and this would give me the possibility to do so spontaneously.
  • That I can learn and know about the places near by while I am traveling without hiring a tour guide.
  • I would enrich traveling a lot!
  • The information that is so easily available through the app, both before and after!
  • The quick access to the information
  • I can also choose the length of time.
  • choosing the different videos according to the audience
  • you have everything in one click, you don’t have to be looking at different websites
  • I also like the concept of it being “fed” by different travelers, allowing for many different views or interests.
  • The content seems to be more thoughtful than the usual guides, plus I like that it is accessible based on location.
  • I like the idea of having specific information about the place I am visiting, in a easy way, using the map to show the places I am looking for
  • This Is nice because I am not a person that always planes every day on a trip


  • I would like to also hear something about the narrator and where that person has the information from. In a world of fake-facts, a bit of background information where the info is from, maybe at the end of the clip is nice to have.
  • recommendations about activities as theater, concerts and so on.
  • Multi languages
  • Maybe if it was possible to share information to several devices at the same time?!
  • interactivity with other resources e.g. Citymapper for travel, TripAdvisor for hotels/restaurants. It feels very standalone at the moment and it cannot possibly cover all the bases.
  • Add spiritual travel
  • como proveedor turístico a mí me gustaría aparecer ahí para que la gente sepa de mi negocio o servicio y me visiten

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