We will have 3 main categories. Follow the links below to follow different users wiht different needs:

  • Light: For those who want information that is short and to the point, with just one click.
  • Detailed: For those who like to plan their travel, learn deeply and be in full control of their travel experience.
  • Children: For families who want information suitable for children including more visual content and games.


Business traveler

I am on a business trip in Paris. I will have some hours extra in the city but I don’t want to go to any museum or shop, I just want to stroll around.

After a day of meetings, I find myself in front of to the Eiffel Tower. I open Kronotopia’s app. It shows the map with a zoomed view that includes the closest monument to me, since it reads my location. The following view is shown.

The tab for category Light is selected and I see that I can choose among 20 media clips. I just want to hear something, anything, so I click on the play button which plays the audio on the top of the list which is sorted based on ratings.

I start listening while I admire the tower and take some pictures.

I am getting hungry and on the Ad’s space I get the suggestion of a restaurant near by. It looks nice, I go there.

While I’m eating and looking at the tower, I ask myself if it is a beautiful monument or if it is ugly, as people thought back when it was constructed, according to the audio. Do I find it beautiful because I have seen it’s image everywhere? It is impressive and symmetric. I like that it is not a big block of material, I like that the light can pass through the structure. Beautiful? I don’t know. I only know I like it.

Beach holiday

We have been 5 days in Marmaris just relaxing and enjoying the sun. It has been nice, but now I want something to happen.

I remember that I saw some ads somewhere in the hotel about a travel app. I go to the reception and I see among the brochures what I was looking for, the “Kronotopia” app.

I download it and I get a map of Marmaris. I zoom out and I get some nearby suggestions.

The first sight is highlighted, and I see that there are some audio clips about it. The name is Pammukale, it has several clips and it looks nice. I click on one of the clips and I get a zoomed in version of the map.

It is more than what I expected, it is not only nice nature, but there is also a nice amphitheater and baths.

I ask the receptionist how to get there. The hotel has day excursions there certain days. When googling I see that it is also quite easy to get there by public transport and the time schedules are more flexible.

On the way back, after listening to the clips of the Pamukkale, I realized that this place has everything.

We went first to Hierapolis, which turned out to be a Unesco sight. It was nice to hear about its history and that the city was named after the wife of the hero Telefos, ”Hiera”.

I have always liked Greek mythology and just hearing that sentence in that place, transported me to a dream, to a blend of reality and fantasy.

Then swimming in the Cleopatra thermal baths,  among ruins, prolonged the feeling.

It was also very interesting to learn about the geology of the place and why the terraces look the way they do. Just the right amount of information for me. I am happy I found the Kronotopia app.


Weekend discover traveler

I am in Paris and I open the Kronotopia app that I downloaded at home. I created an account and a private route based on some public ones. For me preparing is part of the travelling experience. I am logged in and I go directly to the routes view and my private routes are shown on top of all other public routes.

When I am in front of the Eiffel Tower, I click on the “Your location” icon and the map zooms in to my location and changes to Monument view. The tab for detailed clips is selected since it is what I chose as default category. I browse the list of available clips, click one of them and I listen while I queue to get to the top.

It was great to have a context on this impressive monument and on the city. I am surprised on how little I knew about it. I’ve been here several times. I have scrutinized the city in pieces. I have gone where the locals go. But I have not known the city like this before. I think I start to fully understand it.

I enjoyed the story, how it was narrated and presented, so I click on the 3 dots and rate the storyteller.


Family trip

After the usual complaints in the morning we are in front of the Eiffel Tower. I take my phone out and tell the children that we are going to listen to a short story about the Eiffel Tower. I had prepared and seen that Kronotopia is friendly for children, they not only have audios, there are also videos sometimes and I know that it is easier to hook the children with a visual part.

We find a good place to sit in the park in front of the tower and we start watching the film. A curious hand clicks on the hide icon on the video and instead of looking at a screen we all look at the construction.

When the clip finishes, I ask my husband if he remembers a film where they showed how they used the tower to send information during the second world war.

We all start to imagine the people during that time, the fear of being caught. How the antennas were assembled on the top. How they encrypted the messages. We all give theories and ask new questions. Suddenly we are spies and policemen, and we start the chase.

I take some pictures of the children running at the feet of the tower. Suddenly it seems bigger and more alive than before.

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