Are you a curious traveller?

Are you a guide who loves what you do?

Would you like to add another dimension to travelling?

Let’s create Kronotopia!

Imagine being in a wonderful place in the world, plugging in your earphones, letting an app find your space and getting the 4th dimension; time, with a simple click!

Together with travellers, guides and other storytellers we want to help travellers enjoy their journeys even more, by turning the concept we call Kronotopia into a useful and loved product.

In a survey conducted in the summer of 2021, 93% of the respondents found the concept interesting, so the work continues to turn this into reality. You are very welcome to contribute and to possibly make Kronotopia part of your business!

To get a taste of what we envision Kronotopia to be, click on the image below. You can find even more information in our User Cases and FAQ.

Click on the image and follow our user, a woman on a business trip to Paris, when she experiences the Eiffel Tower in a new, entertaining way thanks to Kronotopia.  

To listen to more Kronotopia content, zoom out the map on our main page and click on a location.

Let’s add another dimension to travelling! 

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